Darpan Saxena

Who am I?

Hi, I am Darpan Saxena.

I have been born and brought up in New Delhi in a joint family. I have been highly motivated always to make use of all the opportunities that I got by virtue of my family and my hard work.

My emphasis has always been on acquiring the best education and skills for myself. I am currently improving my skills in Data Science and Machine Learning in order make myself an indispensable professional.

My Core Values

The five core values that I strive to live by are the following:

My Life's Mission


"I wish to create something that has some value for someone"


I live with a sense of purpose which I have encapsulated in the statement above.

This statement has given me the strength and the drive to go ahead and do new and meaningful things each day at work or for my other pursuits.

SWOT Analysis

All MBAs and Marketers are fans of SWOT Analysis. It is almost a cliché now. So, here's a little SWOT Analysis of my own.

(Just click on the image if you have trouble viewing it in mobile)